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Stop Guessing - start analysing

With Web Analytics, you are able to study how your customers are interacting with your site. You can answer those crucial questions, such as "why are all my visitors leaving just before they buy" or "did the article I published last actually do anything for me?". Without Analytics, you are essentially flying blind, guessing what will or wont/did or didn't work. 

Do I need Analytics consulting?

Out of the box, Google Analytics will provide a good overview of your website, but it often raises more questions than answers. Data can be difficult to extract, and is often 'polluted' with the visits of traffic you are less interested in. When correctly configured, however, Google analytics can provide amazing clarity to your website and business. 

As a vastly experienced Analytics consultant, I can help you to:

  • Install and configure Google Analytics on your website
  • Customise your analytics to include 'non-standard' interaction such as customers who add an item to thier basket, watch a video,or re-sort a table
  • Extract the data you want, when you want, in the format that you desire
  • Help you organise and manage complex websites into semantically meaningful profiles (e.g. by geography)
  • Track the success of all your online marketing campaigns
  • and much more

Why Choose me?

I am an Individually qualified Analytics consultant, and I've worked with the product for over 5 years across several hundred websites. I worked on multi-national websites, huge eCommerce websites, flash websites and straightforward brochure websites, so I've encountered and overcome almost any challenge you can imagine. Between you and me, that means I can help you achieve your goals quickly, saving you both time and money.